Water softeners in Chatham

Famous for the Chatham Dockyards and of great military importance due to its key strategic position on the River Medway, Chatham is a thriving town which provides an enviable location for many people to live and work. Although there are considerable benefits to being located in Chatham, a persistent issue with hard water can make life a misery for many home owners and those whose work involves significant water usage. From blocked pipes through to mechanical breakdown and unpleasant looking drinking water, the mineral residue which is commonplace in Chatham’s water causes considerable issues.

Water softeners in Chatham not only improve the lifespan of any white goods which use tap water in order to operate (washing machines, for example), but installing a system can also have several other benefits. Detergents and personal cleaning products don’t work as effectively in hard water. Consequently, more is required and activities such as showering and washing can all take longer as greater effort is needed to achieve a satisfactory cleaning result. Using softened water greatly reduces the amount of cleaning product required, which is cost-effective as well as better for the environment. The cloudy appearance of hard water when it is first poured from the tap puts a lot of people off drinking it. A water softener removes much of the particulate matter which forms the cloud, leaving water attractively clear.

As water softener installers in Chatham, we have plenty of first-hand experience of the benefits which having a water softening system in place can bring. Families are delighted that their washing machines and kettles no longer suffer from calcium build-up. Another advantage once the softener is in place is that the shopping bill begins to fall as detergent, shower gel and other cleaning products last longer when used with soft water.

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