Water softeners in Dartford

If you live in Dartford, your domestic water is probably hard, because of Kent’s natural geology. Calcium salts dissolved in the water cause the hardness. To determine the hardness of your supply, send your postal code to Southern Water.

Hard water causes the formation of limescale deposits in kettles, hot water pipes and heaters, taps, shower heads, washing machines, dish washers, toilets and central heating systems. Limestone deposits in a central heating system can lead to a loss of efficiency and possibly damage the system. Your glass shower door and your dishes may show spotty water marks. Detergents and other soaps used in hard water form scum, which is difficult to remove. Save your time and protect your residential or business investment with a water softener.

Softwater Services specializes in the installation and maintenance of water softeners in Dartford to homes and businesses. Designed and produced in the UK, the versatile compact TwinTec S3 with its unique patented design and a 10 year guarantee from the manufacturer can solve hard water problems in a house of any size or any type of layout. As experienced water softener installers Dartford, we can fit a TwinTec under the kitchen sink or in a cupboard or even in a garage. For commercial applications, softeners are produced to fit your precise specifications. With its twin tanks managing the demand for soft water, the TwinTec S3 is an economical investment, because it uses less salt than conventional softeners and no electricity. If your water supply is very hard ie. over 400ppm of calcium carbonate, you may need to keep a separate hard water tap for drinking water and for watering the garden.

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