Water softeners in Gravesend

Set within the rolling Kent Downs, the historic town of Gravesend is an appealing location which draws thousands of visitors each year to enjoy the many attractions the town has to offer. Unfortunately the proximity of chalky bedrock to the town means that the water supply is taken from streams and groundwater which is rich in small particles of this calcium rich mineral. The small pieces of chalk are not removed during the filtration and purification process that drinking water undergoes before it reaches households, which results in calciferous build-ups wherever water remains stationary for any period of time.

Kettles, washing machines and heating systems are all prone to “furring” from chalk deposits as the particles drop from the water and begin to clump on pipes, elements and appliance components. Periodic removal can ensure they do no lasting damage, but with the process frequently being time consuming and costly, many people opt for water softeners in Gravesend as an instant solution to the problems which hard water can bring. Quick to install and simple to maintain, as water softener installers in Gravesend we have seen hundreds of households benefit from the premium softener systems we provide.

There’s no need to have a separate shed or build an additional unit to house your water softener; the systems are sized to fit discreetly under a domestic sink and don’t require an additional power supply in order to work. All our installations are fully guaranteed and aside from a regular replenishment of salt, a water softener can work for years without needing any additional attention. Not only will your white goods last longer, but clearer water is pleasanter to drink. You’ll even notice a drop in detergent bills, as you will need less cleaning product when softened water is used.

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