Water softeners in Maidstone

Many people living in and around Maidstone would be surprised to learn that local properties have been fitted with water softeners. As Kent’s county town isn’t built on chalk, the common assumption is that water softeners in Maidstone aren’t needed. The reality is that, because the water supplied to the town comes from outlying areas, a significant amount of chalk is transported in the water as it travels from chalky areas to the pipes which service the town. Whilst not hazardous to health, a high concentration of calcium rich residue in your tap water can have all sorts of unwanted effects.

White goods and heating systems can become clogged with calcium particles, leading to reduced efficiency and premature breakdown. Washing machines and kettles are particularly vulnerable, with scale building up quickly. Periodic removal can help reduce the issue, but many people find that using water softener installers in Maidstone to install a softening system in their home saves the trouble and expense of frequent servicing or time consuming DIY removal procedures. In addition, the presence of chalk particles in water gives it an unpleasant cloudy look when freshly poured. If you’re trying to get your family to hydrate more frequently and stay away from sugar filled squashes and pops, a water softener which removes the particulate matter can give your tap water a far more appealing clear appearance.

Installation of a water softener in and around Maidstone town is quick and simple. The units will easily fit beneath your sink and require no maintenance beyond the periodic addition of a little salt. Once in place, no additional power is needed for them to operate effectively. If you’re located in Maidstone, why not take advantage of our services to get the soft water your household deserves?

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