Water softeners in Orpington

Softwater Services is one of the longest-established water softener installers in Orpington. If you live in the Orpington area, you will be familiar with the problems caused by the hard quality of the local water supply.

The water in the Orpington region comes from chalk aquifers, and contains many minerals. When your water is heated, you will see chalky white deposits forming on your kettle element. The same process occurs inside boilers, radiators and hot water pipes, reducing their efficiency and costing you money. Shower roses become clogged, and kitchen sinks are difficult to keep shiny and clean.

With soft water, you will not need to use harsh chemicals to clean your surfaces, a wipe with a damp cloth will leave them gleaming. Clothes will feel softer, and you need only a very small dose of washing powder to get them clean. If you have dry skin or hair, you will see an immediate improvement; taking a bath in silky soft water becomes a luxurious pleasure. Many eczema sufferers notice an improvement in their condition. Soft water will also remove existing limescale in your plumbing.

Softwater Services have fitted many TwinTec water softeners in Orpington. The dual-tank design ensures that you and your family have lots of lovely soft water on tap 24 hours a day, and it fits neatly under your kitchen sink. As one tank is emptied, the other is softening more water. They offer a complete service, from the initial visit to offer free advice, to installation of your water softener, and carrying out maintenance checks as required. They also supply and deliver the salt used in the water softener.

Soft water is one of life’s most enjoyable little luxuries. Contact us by phone or email to book a free site survey.

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