Water softeners in Rochester

Well-known for its prominent role as a port town which was of key importance in both defence and trade due to its proximity to the River Medway, Rochester has been a thriving settlement since before the Roman invasion. Less common knowledge is the problems its residents face with the hard water which typifies the supply to many homes in and around the town. Hard water is the name given to water which has a relatively high level of mineral particles in it. Although not harmful, large amounts of chalky residue in the water supply can have various unpleasant consequences for people who have to use it daily.

As water softener installers in Rochester who are kept busy fitting state of the art softening systems to homes across the town, we have seen many examples of the damage which unchecked hard water can do. Many customers request water softeners in Rochester because they are fed up with their washing machines and central heating systems breaking down so often due to a damaging build-up of scale inside the pipes and around vital components. Although regular servicing can help to remove the scale before it causes irreversible damage, this brings an additional cost and inconvenience to busy home owners.

Installing a water softener system means you can ensure all your appliances benefit from a soft water supply. In addition, the horrid “fur” which builds up on the heating elements of kettles and similar appliances will be minimised and freshly poured water run clear from the tap rather than unattractively cloudy due to the particles which are being transported in it. Post-installation, the softening system needs little maintenance and doesn’t require a separate power supply. The units fit discreetly in the cupboard under the sink, providing soft, clear water when you need it.

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