Water softeners in Sittingbourne

Many people do not associate the attractive town of Sittingbourne with a hard water problem, as the chalky bed rock traditionally associated with the issue is located some distance away from the area. The water supply for Sittingbourne is drawn from a selection of streams, tributaries and groundwater from countryside surrounding the town, meaning much of it flows through chalk on its way in. This causes particles of chalk to be transported in the water, giving hard water its characteristic cloudy look and bringing with it all the problems associated with calcium build-up in household appliances and heating systems.

As water softener installers in Sittingbourne, we have considerable experience of the problems which face residents when they have a hard water supply. From broken washing machines and furred up kettles to requiring enormous amounts of detergent and soap in order to achieve a satisfactory cleaning result on laundry or whilst bathing. The unattractive, opaque appearance of hard water when it’s first poured leads many people to be reluctant to drink it, with children in particular being unwilling to try what they perceive to be dirty water. Even though the chalk particles in the water aren’t hazardous to health, they do cause enormous inconvenience in the home.

Luckily, people with water softeners in Sittingbourne report that the problems associated with hard water are completely solved once they’ve got their softener up and running. When fitted in position, softeners are very easy to maintain, needing nothing more than a top-up with salt periodically. Often people find that the cost of installing a water softener is more than recouped by the associated decrease in detergent costs and the increased longevity of all their white goods. Discreet, affordable and effective, water softeners can completely transform your water supply for the better.

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